Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maya? On MY computer!?

Thats right! I got maya. my friend didn't need it any more. So right now I'm unpacking SCAD's generous free download of Windows XP 64 bit so I can run a clean monty-compatible system before i do the maya install. i'm also going to pop over to Best Buy in a few hours and pick up a new mouse, as my current one (while awesome for internet browsing) doesn't have a reliable or compatible scroll wheel. since i'm running the two screens i can't use my wacom, it horribly distorts the strokes. it's dedicated to the right screen right now, and since i run maya on the left screen with all the menus on the right and it would be a huge pain to swap mice between screens i'm going with the new mouse. besides, i'm just gonna get the cheapest m-soft mouse... it wont be that big of a deal. XD

I had one of those crazy flash of inspiration deals when i was chilling in bed this morning. er, well... chilling is NOT the operative word. OK, being lightly toasted by the sun is more like it. i am now a golden brown and crispy, I swear. urg.
essentially i was contemplating my character designs. i can't very well do the characters like i did in my flash, they're not design-y enough. but I have to be muay careful to stay away from anything resembling ratatouille lest i be accused of copying, which limits me a bit. i'm going to play around with their designs on paper and see what i get. i like the chubbier look for the dad rat, i think i'll start there and see where it goes.

But anywho, once the XP ISO is done unpacking itself i'll burn it to disk and re-platform my system. then its on to the maya install and i'll be able to get to work!

wish me luck! :)

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  1. A friend of mine tried installing the SCAD XP download on my computer, and Vista thwarted it. Grrr. But I do have Maya and CS4. Life is sweet having your own personal Montyesque machine.