Monday, October 3, 2011

Test Render!

Here's a really quick (two hour finish for 18 frames, ink and color) test of the 'finished look' with the upper right style from the charts below. It works fairly well, actually. Obviously it'll be cleaner and more careful in the final version, and I'm pretty confident with handing out my finished linework to minions for coloring since it's easy flatting. So I have proven I can do it. Now to go from 18 frames to... hold on. Let me calculate this.

2160. There are about 2160 frames in my film. So I just have to do this a little higher quality another 120 times.

EASY AS PIE. See? Simple. No sweat.

It took me 2 hours to do the inking and coloring. So it'll be about 240 hours of work all told, not counting the actual rough animation (which I can do very quickly, probably an additional 100-150 hours). So this whole shebang (minus layouts and shading) will take 365 hours of my life. That's only 15 days. So if I don't sleep, eat, or shower I could finish my entire senior film in half a month.


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