Monday, August 10, 2009

dare I say... background complete?

I don't believe in the word 'final' when it comes to my work, but for the moment I'm pretty content in stating that my background is (for now) complete. The textures are minimal but work with the style, the lighting results turn in very well, I've got volume and depth and to an extent mood (however mood will be enhanced each shot according to what is required). now I have to embellish the scenes specific to the requirements of each shot by adding stuff like ground litter in the wider shots and grass in the yards so its not a concrete wasteland. basically create imperfections in the scenes to bring realism to the piece.

Next step is to bend my groundplane on a lattice after freezing all my geometry and centralizing my pivots so I get that steep world dropoff I'm going for. Then i'll quickly block in a far background to be blurred out in composite and start on my bus model. once that is complete I'll do the UV/texturing on that and go back and rework the truck to be sure its all settled before dropping that into my compositing cue and start doing background test renders tomorrow at Monty through the renderfarm.

I'm gonna crack open my rig files and work on textures there too. Ideally I want to do a dual character pass (one pass per character) and try furring the squirrel, but I'll do that last and only AFTER i finish his animation. I'm so frustrated with him because of the convoluted way his provided character sets make 'easy keying' almost impossible. I basically have to strip his old character sets and create a whole new one, ghost the keys of the current blocking model, and start all over again. oy. so daunting. to be honest, besides continuing to tweak Bloke I haven't been doing any animation at all, only modeling, texturing, lighting, and environment.

I also want to try SSS on bloke to see how that looks. i want to play with light on the second shot (closeup) to really make his tight shots pop.

lots to do and not much time to do it in. YES! what a rush! :P

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