Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'd like to apologize for not keeping on top of this blog. Between the house and roommates, the dogs, and my partner I had more than enough reasons to avoid spending time on my work and updating here. I'll admit I've been distracted and feel guilty for not giving my usual 110% towards my classes right now, but recent events have regrettably left me with a great deal of free time that I need to fill to keep myself sane and you can bet that it'll now be spent on Maya.

anyway, here's my peace offering. it's a static rigged completed truck model with articulated motion, auto-rolling wheels (wheels rotate in the direction the truck is traveling so the animator doesn't have to deal with it), axle compression (shock compression), and cargo jiggle. it will appear in my scenes for approximately 3 seconds but I'm damn proud of it.

Now I start on the car(s) and knock that out as well as going after blocking 2 with a vengeance. I have to hit this hard. I need the distraction right now.

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