Sunday, July 26, 2009

I hate graph tweaking.

Dear god, do I despise it. Every time I DON'T have to animate in 3D I think "wow, I'd love to be a 3d animator instead of a traditional!"... then I actually have to animate with graphs and I realize that I would rather skin my eyeballs with a toothpick than try and animate in Maya.

I love love LOVE modeling. I love rigging. I love scripting and texturing and lighting and all that wonderful, tasty stuff that makes life worth living. but if there's one thing I'm learning every day I'm forced to do it its that I REALLY hate animating in 3D. REALLY DO.

So SCAD, give me my Character TD major. I am in dire need of it. 'Cause it's traditional animation and 3D TD for me, baby.

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