Monday, March 23, 2009

Basic Premise, y'all

Not gonna lie. As our dear Professor Delao was introducing the syllabus I couldn't help but let my brain go freakin' crazy with self-suggestion. I have the feeling I'll be biting off more than I can chew but chewing it anyway here. I'm going to get started on storyboards today before my 8 pm class and do some 3D rough fly-thrus to see if it'll work.

But basically, I want to do a 3d world and rotoscope it into flash with a frame-by-frame animated character on top. I have this fantastic sequence in my head of following this protagonist as he runs along a pipe in a wall, coming to the opening in the wall and meeting a blinding light which fades out and shows the scene beyond... an empty living room.
I love and own rats, and (while carefully avoiding any similarity to Ratatouille) I want to do a short called "Different Perspective", which is basically the world and situations as seen thru the experiences of the rat. A bit of comedy, a bit of tradgety, overcoming some obstacle that i'm not exntirely sure about yet, and finally going back home after a busy day.

The shot opens above the rat's 'bed' (he's slightly anthropomorphized, not as much as ratatouille), panning down following some drips. He lives in some kind of stone hollow area in a house. he wakes and starts his day, cut to the scene as described above. The background would be limited animation and the rat would basically have a looped run cycle to cut down on frame-by-frame drawing time.
Anywho, he goes into the living room and to be honest... after that point i'm not sure what happens.

But for a proprietary look at my animation I'm super psyched about this concept. I'm gonna go bang out some 3D tests and if I can I'll post 'em up here (or perhaps some stills).

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  1. Aww.. I think your idea sounds really cute! I think you have a really good handle of what you want to do with your project! Though it sounds like a lot of work I think you can pull it off as long as you manage your time right! Go for it!