Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inspiration via

OK, so this gentleman (user "dward") from just has awesome all-round aesthetics. Example:

Basically all his characters are pretty freakin' sweet. I won't be animating in that stylized a form of line, but i reckon its pretty dang interesting anywho. (Oh, and for kicks... here's his link:

This gentleman is a bit closer in terms of overall form to what I'm going for, but still not the aesthetic. He kind of harkens back to an artist I know as "Shoomlah" who has always been extremely good at making global shapes work well. An impressive skill to be sure.

Alright, I'll be frank... the rat idea is not unique in hollywood. They tried to do it in Ratatouille (and lets face it, didn't do the best job at actually capturing the ways of the rat) but that doesn't mean that I can't. If we as artists didn't do something that'd already been done there'd be no new art!
The tragic thing about it is that I LOVE all the art from the movie. The sketchy 'Parisique' style is what I'm going for. In the pic above it gets a little too 'cutout' for my tastes, but lets not split hairs. In the end my style is never going to be identical to what I'm hoping to emulate so really being picky is all relative, haha! I'll have to scan in some pictures from the book unless I can find a better archive online, 'cause Google aint got no love for me at the moment.

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