Monday, March 30, 2009

For those of you seeking the premise...

Oy! You! Yes, you! The person trying to find my premise!

Its a few entries down, don't be afraid to scroll. If you want more info click on "Older Posts", there's a few tidbits all the way back there.

Although, as per some excellent advice by a fellow classmate I'm going to re-do my premise. I had forgotten that I'd posted a rather loose version, I have since tightened it up (script, storyboard etc) and totally spazzed out by not posting the more final version! D'oh!

The scene opens with Rat, a father and devoted family man to Momma Rat and Baby Rat, rising from a good nights sleep. He yawns as a silhouette, backlit by sunbeams streaming in from a hole nibbled in the wall. as his focus clears he sees his family and smiles.
A long shot of momma and baby rat pulls back as Rat enters the frame from the left, walking up to his family and smiling fondly at them. He prepares himself mentally for another day at his job, gathering odds and ends to collect in true packrat fashion. The family's collection is already immense; their home is cluttered with miscellaneous objects like pocket watches, old slippers, and doorknobs. As Rat and his son share an emotional bonding moment, Baby shivers slightly. Rat knows exactly what he's looking for that day... a blanket for his family!
Rat heads off to work, his character is further introduced/enforced by a long pan following him down the recesses of the wall from his home to the pipe he uses to get into the house. Along the pan we see many of the things he has collected; a pair of hole-y sneakers, some jewelry, old cups, shoelaces, a belt, an umbrella, some baseballs, a few keys, and many other objects. Rat climbs through or behind these objects in most cases.
At the end of the pan the camera switches to a fly-behind (rotoscoped from 3D) of Rat running along the pipe to the hole in the wall past which he finds all the glorious loot. the OTS shot continues until his head clears the hole in the wall for a cut to the long shot of the room establishing the hole's position therein.
Rat climbs down and there's a series of static or quazi-static shots of Rat running along the floor. A focus change OTS shot shows Rat finding what he's looking for... a blanket on the tip top of a bookcase. Worms-eye view camera/local cam switch for his climb to the top of an adjoining bookcase, the only way he can get to the blanket.
As Rat reaches out over the precipice to grab the blanket he realizes it is just outside his reach. curling his tail around the wood of the bookshelf for stability he tries again, extending as far as he can. CU shot as he grabs hold of the blanket... and starts to fall.
Clean cut to a first-person perspective fall-to-hit shot (think Kung Fu Panda, Po) and the screen goes black.
'Blinking' camera work (again first-person) as Rat clears his vision. as the camera chages to a fuller shot we can see that his back legs don't look quite right. the blanket has fallen around him, making almost a nest. Rat struggles, bleary-eyed, to assess his situation. He is clearly suffering to some extent.
Perspective shot as Rat looks towards the hole in the wall, the way home. The room seems to stretch before him.
The camera follows him as he starts dragging the blanket back, slowly. For the most part all we see is the blanket, Rat is basically covered by it. Process is extremely slow and sad. we follow Rat as he gives his all to get this blanket back to his family. When we get to the hole-in-wall shot (from the room side, not from the wall side) we see him struggle up the wall against the weight of the blanket. cut to the wall-side hole-in-wall, light beams streaming in (now the afternoon). Rat's sihlouette appears in the hole, struggling with the blanket. Camera pushes in slightly as he struggles to drag the blanket a little further into the hole.
CU shot of Rat as he clings to the hole, barely holding his focus. He closes his eyes, accepting what he feels is inevitable. As the shot fades he slides from the hole into the room, falling unconcious to the floor.
Back in the 'den', Momma rat can tell something is wrong. the daylight has faded and Rat is usually home by now. She holds baby rat tighter and looks to the door, waiting for her partner to return. baby rat looks peaceful, unaware that he wont be seeing his father again.
juping back to Rat, we have an ECU on his upper body/face. he is clearly skewed, he has fallen for the last time. he breathes heavily a few times before closing his eyes and setting his jaw in preparation.
A slow fade in to the pipe scene from the wall side shows us the blanket, hanging in the hole. Rat managed to bring it all the way back for his family, despite the pain and without the use of his back legs. he sacrificed himself for the health of his son. Fade out to black and final credits.

So hopefully thats a bit clearer of a piece description. Enjoy! :)

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  1. That's a great screenplay, I can really visualize what you're going to do. It also seems extremely ambitious, but I know you work crazy fast so I think you have a good chance of getting most or all of it finished.