Friday, March 27, 2009

Script... Check!

I went ahead and finished the script for the film, it's got quite a healthy scene load but luckily multiple environments are re-used and they're mostly matte painting so it should go pretty quickly. I'm worried specifically about a 'fall follow' camera move that I'm... not confident about pulling off effectively. I'm looking to the fall-to-hit camera move in Kung Fu Panda for inspiration. the trick will be to replicate it in Flash. XD

Anywho, I may try to hack out some rough storyboards tonight if the lab clears out a bit, although secretly I think I'm gonna end up laying down the 3D forms as the basis for my big opening matte painted pan. I guesstimate it to be roughly 7 full frames high... it'll be one heck of a jpg!

Peace, y'all. Happy animating!

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