Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Official Stuff

Right-o, so I'm super psyched about this project! I've gone ahead and titled it for sure either "Different Perspective" or "Perspectives". I may shorten it later on but for now full title stands at DP. I did some rat studies today thanks to a few little friends. XD
Rats move SO FAST! My gosh! I mean, obviously I knew they weren't lazy bums... but the issue is so much more obvious when you're armed with a drawing implement. Anywho, they're super fun and I'm definitely seeing some character potential in the basic shapes.

I'm gonna go knock out a basic layout for the opening pan. the JPG should end up being EXTREMELY long, as the pan is going to go thru the opening credits. It'll be just a pan on a still image in flash, the only animated parts will be the drips the camera follows and the occasional flash of the main character behind the stuff (frame-by-frame, easy as pie). its pretty much just color w/texture in terms of the animation.

This is going to be so wicked cool to work on!

EDIT: I did the basic fly-thru of the wall scene today, it looks pretty killer. I'll do some texturing and basic lighting and export it with a Toon shader to see what it looks like on the other side of rendering. woo!

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  1. It's awesome that you're already getting started on your final! Those rat sketches are really nice, especially the one at the top that's standing up; they've all got some sweet character to them.