Wednesday, April 22, 2009


OK, guys... that time has come! I started the frame-by-frame animation on the long pan (only finished background so far) and it is amazing to get back into '2D' animation. I did the blocking and am now going back in to do inbetweens. its all rough, uncolored, un-lined animation at this point, although I do kind of like the style so I may continue with it. The shapes are easy to work with and flow well, I guess I cant ask for an easier character unless I want to go with an oldschool flour sack, haha!

anywho, there's really no content so far except to be all like "ohmygosh, i get to animate again!!"

Just for kicks, here's the EXTREMELY ROUGH first pass of the long pan scene. the animation 'flashes' after the first half because i haven't gone in and done the rough inbetweening yet. this is not the final animation, dont worry. the greyed out background helps me see the character, it won't be like that when the movie is finished.
so this is what the next 35 days will be for me. animation! *dance dance dance*

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