Sunday, April 26, 2009

Overcoming Obstacles

Despite saving every few keyframes, Flash decided 45 minutes ago that it would no longer save my file. Apparently it was in use by another program that did not exist. I could not save it under another name nor in another directory, the temp file, or an external hard drive.
that file contained my completed first scene and the rough animation for my second. this is not the first time flash crashed on me. the first time it was "still responding", although was taking up 45% of the computers' operating power for no reason. it was unresponsive. luckily i only lost a few frames of progress and the original file remained intact.

when it stopped allowing me to save i was able to copy-paste the frames from the open scene into a new file and save it firmly in 4 different places, but i lost the entire first scene.

the entire file disappeared. it no longer exists and there is no record of it in my M space or the temp drive, which i was working off of. this was following a typical system crash which also wiped out internet use for the duration.

i have now lost cumulatively over 20 hours of work and effort in this project. Congratulations, Murphy. You almost had me. Now watch while I kick your ass.

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