Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Updates and Such

Well, its been a pretty productive few days! I'm currently planning and beginning to execute 2 shorts simultaneously. as fun as that sounds, its just as challenging. So balancing the work for both (one in flash, one in 3d) is tricky.

But since last class I started doing the final backgrounds for my scenes. i'm doing cutout backgrounds integrated into a single composition like the Halu games, my source of inspiration. it pulls it away from my original theme a bit, but it also affords some leeway when it comes to animating the characters in terms of the style.

I'm having trouble with rotoscoping the flythru using static objects. i may just export the maya file as a toon shader and use that raw if I can, it would save me about 3 days of work, haha!

Just starting on the walk cycle animation for the tutorial today. I'm gonna try and do a jolly fat businessman! what glee.

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