Monday, May 25, 2009

After 14 hours I guess something had to go

Yeah, so this whole "14-15 hours at monty" thing was going really well until after effects decided to be a complete buttsink and give me all sorts of RAM errors. My files are fine, the computers at monty just suck serious nut. I mean c'mon. They know that students will be using programs like Zbrush or Mudbox on the cintiq machines... at least give us more than the requisite 2 gigs of ram. What are we paying for? mopped floors? seriously now. beef this crap up. I want to be able to render out a freakin' 2D file without errors, people.

I'm cranky but got so much done, I'm glad I stuck it out. After class I shall take a well-deserved nap. If I could, y'know, NOT have a failure for a computer I would post the closing credits but... obviously thats too much to ask from a SCAD computer.

oh, and I added a scene. lol. i love making myself miserable.

EDIT: really? am I really going to have to take this whole shebang to my friends house? Because apparently these pieces of crap they call computers can't even handle a single composition. My images are not huge. They're .swfs, for goodness sake. wow. talk about crap.
ironically, my dell laptop (which I would never recommend to anybody, FYI) can process and proxy a composition.

wow, HP. just wow. way to fail.


  1. I feel your pain. And to top everything off like if the computers weren't bad enough, the only thing we had free (able to print and free print paper) is no longer free. Now we have to bring our own printer paper...what the fudge!? SCAD just sucks up our money. :/
    Best of luck! :) I really like your matte paintings by the way.

  2. That was the funniest, meanest, yet most wholesomely worded rant ever. I agree with you about the lack of efficiency of the hard drives hooked up to the Cintiqs. You'll be a' okay.

  3. lol stephanie... yeah, it was totally time for me to take my nap. Usually I'm a ball of sunshine. XD