Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost 3 minutes of footage...

OK, so for my trillionth update tonight I'm just letting everybody know that i finished the matte painting for the closing credits, 3 scenes, an additional background I realized would be useful, and the global 1 and 2 compositions in after effects (scene comps). So at this point I have a total of 2 minutes 40 seconds of animation... and considering that I've spent only 8-10 late nights this quarter on this project this project that's pretty ace. I should have been counting, obviously, but my estimate is that this project comes in under 125 hours. maybe. it may squeak over, but not by much. Which is totally cool and makes me feel good about myself.

In the end there are things I really, REALLY want to change. both the daddy closeups make me cringe because they're so horrible. but at this point I dont have that luxury. I may be slowly conquering my fear of flash tonight, but dash it all I still don't enjoy its company much. at least i've been able to force my frame-by-frame on it fairly well. ah, compromise.

but i digress, as i often tend to do at 5 am. I think I'm gonna go for an all-nighter 'till class and see if I can take a nap in the stop motion room betwixt scenes. I aim to finish all the animation/scene work tonight and just work on sound tuesday night, which will be easy. i can even do the credits tonight, which is pretty cool. i wont post it here since blogger eats framerates like nobody's business.

my biggest regret right now is that i didn't bring my toothbrush. urgh. whoever sits next to me this morning may not enjoy my morning breath.

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