Saturday, May 23, 2009

Backgrounds, passage of time, and a most excellent full moon

Here are some of the 'time passed' backgrounds. They're the night answer to the pre-existing scenes. A few color filters and a bit of hue/saturation tweaking and we're ready to go!

i've finished 2 scenes today, starting on the third. I plan on knocking that out pretty quickly. I'm gonna go back into maya and re-layout the fall scene, since i can't very well get that working without some visualization help. nothing like digital 3d storyboards to make things work, eh?
I plan on tackling the 'up to the shelf' scene yet this evening before I head home, and possibly redoing the hideous animatic-esque closeup scenes because they are an embarrassment to my skills as an animator OR character sketcher. *shudder*

but I digress. as usual, enjoy.

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