Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks, guys! (et al)

Just wanted to say to everybody in my ANIM342 class:


I've had lots of fun reading your blogs (those of you that updated, at least) and having a glimpse at your process. I wish we had more opportunities to interact in the class so I could have gotten to know you all better.
Special thanks to any/everybody that commented on my posts at some point. Your input was always helpful and/or supportive. I hope I was able to offer you some helpful or supportive tips along the way as well.


EDIT: oops, I did my 'final post' too early, lol. here's the rest for you:

Yes, if I had the option to re-do this project I would have approached it very differently. I would slide my entire schedule up about a week (so start right at the start of the quarter), rely more on puppetry, and probably have had a different story altogether. I did not realize during conception the type of animation best suited for Flash. Now I know better and would never attempt frame-by-frame again on this software. that isn't to say it can't be done and done well, it just isn't an easy fit. I was thinking Flash could be used like ToonBoom or Flipbook... I was very much incorrect about that.
I also wish I'd had the opportunity to interact more with my peers, digitally or otherwise. I felt pretty much alone throughout the creative process, which is such a shame since we're all creative people and could probably have helped each other out during the planning stages.


  1. Well...there's really not much to say. Obviously it's very good. A little heavy for so early in the morning, lol, but that's our fault for being in an 8am class. But seriously, it was very impressive, particularly the scoring. With some polishing, this could be a legitimate studio short.

  2. Really, really amazing work.

  3. I completely agree with the peer interaction part. I know that's what our blogs were for, but I still feel like I didn't get as much feedback as I would've liked. If you have another personal art blog or if you're keeping this one alive, let me know because I would love to follow your stuff and give feedback if you need. I can't wait to see more of your stuff!

    (also, to "follow" someone on Blogger you just go to their blog, and there should be a "follow" button. It's a pretty nice feature because there are a LOT of excellent artists and animators on Blogger that I like to keep watching. Just wanted to let you know ;3 )

  4. Just to comment some more: I really admire people like you, who have the patience, love and dedication, to take the rules of animation, and manipulate them so well. Truly, freakin' awesome! Perhaps, we could learn something from one another.