Wednesday, May 20, 2009


*vid should be here, but apparently 1.5 hours isn't long enough for it to bloody well work*

here is the basic opening title sequence for my short. so far the first 8 scenes (all finished) encompass exactly 1:30, and considering that's only 1/3 of the way through the story you can start to see why I'm getting antsy about getting this all done. luckily most of the latter scenes are all repeated backgrounds, just the character animation changes. i've been trying to work more with symbols, but because i still dont understand them its extremely difficult.

I am in the process of completely finishing up what I do have. All my scenes are being comped and proxied in After Effects so that I don't have to worry about doing them all right at the end and not giving the sound design enough time to mature. i've set up my files so that i can basically drag and drop the final flash comps into the global file and have a cohesive scene flow. so its just animating (plus 4 backgrounds) to go from here! Other then the fly-thru that I dropped due to complexity (not regretting that choice at all, lemmie tell you) this is true to my original vision. i can literally just animate and drop in AE from here on out. after that its all sound design and final edits, which shouldn't take long as I have no dialogue and already selected the soundtrack. the biggest challenge will be doing all the non-track effects (like thumps, scritches, wind, environmental echoes) and compiling the appropriate credit list. since I called upon my fellow rat owners to send me pictures of their fattest rats in return for his/her name in credits (and got a great response!) I have a lot of credit to place where it's due. :)

Hokay! So if Blogger ever loads this darn title sequence I'll post it for ya!

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