Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too Close for Comfort

I'm in that in-between stage of work where I'm not quite comfortable with how much time I have left but I know its still totally possible to finish on time. Its not how much work I have, but rather how painful the work is. Inbetweening is classic hell for a character animator, at least in my experience.

That isn't to say that I'm not having fun. The scenes I have left are pretty limited or simple when it comes to animation, and most of the blanket scene(s) can be done with symbols instead of fbf, which will be a nice change. its also a lot slower moving, which means i can do more animating on twos if i want and save a chunk of time.

and now, ladies and gents... i return to my chill music and my re-do of the long pan. I think this'll be the teaser I post, since its the longest consecutive scene so far.

peace, y'all!!

EDIT: haha, just kidding... I completely forgot that i had to do 2 tone shadows for the long pan, which basically doubles my finishing time. and since I would enjoy at least a few hours sleep between work time and class this morning I think i'll punch out and call it an evening. So until later, I'm afraid you'll just have to sit tight until I complete the scene. :)
(slightly unrelated, I had an amazing work day today... my first caffeinated experience at Monty this year by choice, and boy i can see why it could be addictive!)

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