Sunday, May 24, 2009

More backgrounds

More backgrounds. Since I omitted the fly-thru I felt that continuity was impacted a bit. Although everybody I've shown the semi-final to has had no problem following the story, I'd like to keep it fool-proof. I added these two scenes (out and in, day/night) just to keep that continuity going. after I do these added scenes (super easy... one cloth and one I could technically use symbols for) I'll only have 5 left. one is symbol and only about 50 frames (if that), one is a fall-to-hit which is mostly flashing colors and blurs, one is a closeup character animation, one is a character overview action, and one is the completion of the scene I'm currently trucking on. So for all intents and purposes, ladies and gentlemen of the internets... I AM ALMOST DONE!

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